Battlemachines VR

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Battles on large map
and multiple game modes


Items on Ethereum
ERC 1155 ERC 721

VR and PC

Operated with motion controllers
Oculus / HTC


In a postapocalyptic steampunk world, things are different

In 1860 the whole World, except a few places is plunged into anarchy. On burned and infertile lands are constantly fought between the army and rebels. Extreme weather conditions in the south and north make these areas impossible for exploration. After hundred years of battles ongoing during the Great War between Rebeliants and The Alliance, the world is destroyed and humanity has evolved in a totally different way.

First mentions about the conflict are dated to the XIV century, which continues to the present time with varying intensity and periods of relative peace. Legends say, that the most breakthrough moment was when a mysterious magician created the first steam engine - on the order of one of the rulers. From the XV century on the whole world this steam engine technology has become a commonly used for all mechanical machines. But things that have a place in XVI century hardly changed the course of history. There was a big explosion caused by a military catastrophe. From this moment engines evolved faster and become better. Armored vehicles, tanks, balloons with steam engines appeared, and always are involved in constant fighting in heavy weather conditions.

About Game

Warfare Immersion

VR Player is a crew of war machines with steam engine, that have a couple of interactive virtual interfaces in the cockpit. The player performs a specific tasks depending on the game mode. Player immersed in the warfare toxic world, in the battle tank, where he can touch and move interface elements that, that make tank drive, load ammo, aim and shoot - by pulling a chain used to launch a projectile. The player also has other weapons like mortar cannon situated on the back of a tank, crossbow with burning arrows or grenades. Player spawns on the big map, where sides of the conflict have a specific set of spawn locations. We plan to create a game mode when players without VR can join for example, as General / Spectator, who will have the possibility to engage in the battle. They will also impeding VR players battle. For example, in a simple version They will have a possibility to fire an air raid or artillery. We think about building a moveable Steampunk fortress for the sides, that will be playable. In the minimal version of this idea will be a General / Observer mode for PC Players with some functionality. Steering and driving Tank now are easy and convenient - There is no problem with Motion Sickness etc., fully controlled by motion controllers


Target is a VR platforms like Oculus, HTC, Valve Index

Unreal Engine

Game is build on Unreal Engine 4 and will be always updated to newest version of this engine.

Multiplayer - Target is Massive Multiplayer Battle

The multiplayer mode in first versions of game will be enabled and tested for a couple of players for example 4 vs 4 (beta version). Our target creates beta version for a huge number of players (ideally 16vs16, 32vs32 and other). Multiplayer will have several modes like: Team vs Team, Deathmatch, CTF, Destroy the fortress. We have plan, create one big map of the whole world, where in some locations players will be loaded (depends on server room). In theory player will be able to move between a server room by driving to the other region (ingame switching server), but switching by drive - can cost a lot of time.

Blockchain - Crypto Items

Our main target is an implement of items and upgrades depends on Blockchain technology. For this there will be a Smart Contract, that will hold game tokens, crypto items in the Ethereum Blockchain network. Account players will be created ingame and under game website. Players will have an option to paste a crypto wallet and confirm it. From this moment player will have assigned the address to the game account. One player will login to the game, the server will check crypto items of specific player and make them usable directly in the game. Thanks to the Blockchain there will be possibility to separate skins, crypto items, upgrades from game code. Players will have the option to directly maintain, sell or obtain loot and items from another player - that are available from the basic functionality of moving values between wallets.

On Blockchain we want to create items like: Upgrades, add-ons, Items that will be used in the game. For example, if the player will have upgrade called "FastFourious", that will add 5% to tank bullet speed, the game will automatically apply these settings for specific tank components such as cannons. We want also to create a crystal / gem's system as crypto items - that will be a currency / drop in game. Game Server will have functionality that generates and throw these items as drop on the map.


1. Bartek Blicharski - Lead Programmer linkedin
2. Filip Czylok - 3D Designer / Blueprints
3. Martin Morawiec - Programmer / Blockchain Developer linkedin
4. Open for Sound Engineer ...
5. Open for 3D Artist ...
6. Open for Concept Artist ...

Suggestions Disqus

Because game is still under heavy development, we are open for any suggestions and ideas.